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The Ghent River Hotel **** is situated on the right bank of the Leie, which is beaconed the Ghent boarder between the 11th and 15th century.

With the presence of the ancient pier, the Ghent River Hotel is the only hotel that can be reached by boat.

The site encompasses 2 buildings: a renaissance house, dated 1518 and a rice-mill built on a burnt down sugar refinery, dated 1857. The building also served as a cotton spinningmill (1873), a warehouse (1879) and a steam actuated bakery (1892). The latter expanded several times until 1909.

In front of the hotel you come across a small square which served as a thread (yarn) market in the Middle Ages and the 19th century. Next to the hotel we encounter one of the typical medieval “waterstraatjes”. After a few minutes walk, you arrive at the ‘vrijdagsmarkt’ with the statue of Jacob van Artevelde.

The hotel is only a few footsteps away from the Kouter, the Veldstraat (shopping street), musea, the opera, the Palace of Justice and the historical center (with the Sint-Baafs Cathedral, the Sint-Pieters Cathedral and the Belfort (Belfry).


Ghent River Hotel
Waaistraat 5 B - 9000 Gent
tel +32 (0)9 266 10 10
fax +32 (0)9 266 10 15
E-mail: info@ghent-river-hotel.be
URL: www.ghent-river-hotel.be


The personalised rooms are provided with all modern facilities: Individual adjustable heating, cable TV with remote control, direct dial telephone, fast internet access, safe, mini-bar and complete equipped bathroom with fan. You will surprisingly feel at home in the warm and charming colours.



The Ghent-River Hotel has also created a cosy bar for you. Stop by and try some local and national drinks! There is also a lounge area to relax after a hard day training.



Every breakfast spoils you with a rich and varied buffet from 7am till 10am.

Buffet breakfast:
White and wheat bread and rolls – Croissants – Variety of cold cuts – Pâté – Jam – Variety of cheese – Fresh cheese – Cheese spread – Honey – Variety of butter – Natural yoghurt and fruits – Fresh fruit – Fruit cocktail – Black cherries/peaches/ pineapple on treacle – Variety of cereals – Boiled eggs – Milk – Coffee – Hot chocolate – Variety of teas – Variety of fruit juices


Other facilities:

Rent a bike

You like a wonderful ride into the beautiful countryside around Ghent, or you like travelling easily in the city of Ghent? Rent a bike... at 5 min walking distance from the hotel:
Steendam 16, 9000 Gent
Tel +32 9 224 29 03

Fitness room

Keep in shape while travelling. Exercise bike and musculation bench. Information at the reception.


The Ghent River Hotel offers to its guests a great sauna cabin. Relax after a rough day.
Information at the reception




Special Gasshuku rate:

Quadruple: 179 Euro/night (45,75 Euro person/night)
Triple: 157 Euro/night (52,33 Euro person/night)
Twin: 134 Euro/night (67,00 Euro person/night)
Single: 112 Euro/night
Breakfast (15 Euro/day) included!!



For reservations please contact Steven De Winne. He will arrange the rooms.
We have reserved
  for Kenshikan Sweden:
         1 quadruple, 2 triple and 5twin rooms (total : 20 persons)
  for Kenshikan England:
         1 quadruple, 3triple and 8twin rooms (total : 29 persons)
  for Kenshikan Scotland:
         2 triple and 2 twin rooms (total : 10 persons)

We booked all the quadruple and triple rooms that where still available during that weekend. It is therefore impossible to book more quadruple or triple rooms. More twin rooms however, are not a problem. If you don’t want a quadruple or triple room, please let us know. We can then use that room for another country.

Inform us if it is a room for children, so we can make sure that there is no alcohol in the mini-bar.
Also, if you want a smoke or non-smoke room (ellergic) or if you want a room of children next to another room for guidance. we are pleased to help you as much as possible.

For practical reasons, we would like to have an estimated number of people coming before February and the exact amount before March.

Click here and look at the current room occupation.


Youth hostel

In addition to accommodation in a very fine hotel, we also want to give the low budget members of the Kusano ha family the possibility to join the Gasshuku in Belgium. The youth hostel is just 10 minutes walk from the Ghent River Hotel so your friends are nearby.
It's very cheap, but very basic. The rooms are small and equipped with one closet, two seats and bunk beds.

The youth hostel is situated in the centre of the city, near the old famous castle Gravensteen (The Castle of the Counts).
All the beautiful sightseeing's of this Flemish Art City are at walking distance from the youth hostel.


Bed, sheets and breakfast:
Room for twe persons:                              23 Euro/person/night
Room for more than two persons:              18,80 Euro/person/night
People younger then 26 years have a discount of 5% (overnight rate)
If you want to sleep in a youth hostel, an international youth hostel membership is obligatory. the membership card must be bought in the country where you live. VJH, the Flemish organisation can only sell memberships cards to flemish people. International youth hostel membership cost approximately 3 Euro/person.
Groups need a "Group membership card".
Groups get a free stay for every 16th person.
Hot meal: 9,90 Euro, Lunch: 6,10 Euro.

Other facilities

Bar with TV, Family games, access to internet, baggage faults, Night entrance with code


Credit cards are accepted (only Visa, MasterCard and Maestro)



For reservations please contact Steven De Winne. We did not book any rooms in advance. If anyone wants to use the youth hostel, please tell us as soon as possible. We will then check how many laces and which types of rooms are still available.



Airport to hotel


Hotel to Gymnasium

The “Renshu Bus” brings you from the Ghent River Hotel to the gymnasium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
People who use the youth hostel will have to walk to the hotel. The “Renshu Bus” goes only from hotel to gymnasium and back.



Sporthal Rozenbrouck
9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Lunch pack

There is a cafeteria next to the gymnasium where you can enjoy cold or hot beverages during the break. However, after the first training session, you might feel hungry. Therefore we provide a lunch pack service.

The lunch pack includes three sandwiches, fruit, a bottle of water and a candy bar. You can enjoy your lunch pack (except the bottle of water) in the cafeteria or outside if the weather allows it.
Please, do not use the bottle of water inside the cafeteria. We can use the cafeteria, but only if we do not bring our own drinks. Order a drink in the cafeteria and use your bottle of water outside or during the other breaks for a quick thirst quencher.

You can choose between a mixed pack and a vegetarian pack.
The mixed pack contains a sandwich with cheese, ham and préparé’.
The vegetarian pack contains three sandwiches with cheese.

Order your lunch pack in advance to Steven De Winne or during the Gasshuku one day in advance to Isabelle Lievens.
Also state whether you want a mixed or a vegetarian lunch pack and for which day you want it (Saturday and/or Sunday).

The price for the lunch pack is € 5,00.

Gasshuku party on Saturday

“A little corner of paradise here on Earth. Where dining is divine and the night's rest heavenly…”
This year we have chosen a special location for our Gasshuku party on Saturday: Monasterium PoortAckere.

An oasis of peace, hidden away from the bustle of the city. Once inside you find yourself in a former nunnery whose history dates back to 1278. The building that turned its back on the world for so many centuries now reveals its secrets to a few favoured guests. The atmosphere is serene and restful, as befits an age-old neogothic building. Yet PoortAckere retains its unique character as a medieval monastery with its own history.


Monasterium PoortAckere
Oude Houtlei 56
9000 Ghent
Tel.: +32(0)9 269 22 10

In the 3-course menu, an aperitif and one glass (wine, soft drink, beer or koffie/thee) are included. We also provide a vegetarian menu. Please state your wish to participate to Steven De Winne before the 7th of May. Also state your choice of menu (normal or vegetarian).

The price for the Gasshuku Party is € 40,00.
Dress code: blue or red blazer with Kenshikan emblem, grey trousers for men and grey skirt for ladies.

Goodbye diner on Sunday

Restaurant “De Witte Leeuw” is a cosy Burgundian restaurant at the beautiful Graslei in the historical city centre of Ghent. They are famous for Ghent's typical dishes, grilled dishes and fresh salads. You can enjoy a scenic view on their spacious terrace bordering the Lys bank. You'll think you've returned to the Middle Ages. The goodbye dinner is held on the great hall at the upper floor.


Restaurant 'De Witte Leeuw'
Graslei 6
9000 Ghent
Tel.: +32(0)9 223 48 58


You can choose between a menu with meat or with fish:



Cold and hot starters
Cold and hot starters
Pork tenderlion with roasted chicory and filled potatoes
Cordon blue of salmon with spinach and potatoes duchesse
Tiramisu or coffee
‘Dame blanche’ sundae or coffee 

Two glasses of soft drink, beer or wine are included in the menu.
The goodbye dinner on Sunday is not obligatory, but we hope many people will join us. It’s the last chance to be together with your Kusano ha friends. Please state your wish to participate to Steven De Winne before the 7th of May. Also state whether you choose a meat or a fish menu.

The price for the goodbye dinner is € 30,00.
Dress code: casual.



Ghent River Hotel

        Quadruple:   179 Euro/night (45,75 Euro person/night)
        Triple:          157 Euro/night (52,33 Euro person/night)
        Twin:            134 Euro/night (67,00 Euro person/night)
        Single:          112 Euro/night
        Breakfast (15 euro/day) included!!
Mini bar on room
        Soft drinks and beer  3,00 Euro
        Beers                         3,20 Euro to 4,50 Euro depending on the brand
        Strong drinks             7,00 Euro to 9,00 Euro depending on the brand

Telephone is charged per unit and the price depends on which country you're calling.

Internet access:
    5 Euro/1 hour
    9 Euro/2 hours
    20 Euro/day

Fitness room:
    Free of charge

Sauna:    9 Euro

Prices in EURO, Taxes and services included

The hotel accepts: Visa, MasterCard/Euro card, American Express


Gasshuku fee

Adults (13 years and older)
        3 dagen           70 Euro
        2 dagen           55 Euro
        1 dag               35 Euro

Children (from 7 until 12 years)
        3 dagen           40 Euro
        2 dagen           30 Euro
        1 dag               20 Euro

Gasshuku Party on Saturday


Goodbye diner on Sunday




About Ghent

It can be no coincidence that Ghent, the capital of East Flanders, was given several pretty names: historic heart of Flanders, a city of all times, one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe.

The city combines an impressive past with a vivid present. Numerous tourists visit Ghent of which the citizens carry the nickname "stroppendragers" or noose-bearers and use the extensive accommodation possibilities. The historic heart of the city offers a lot of places of interest. From St Michael's bridge there is a wonderful view on the skyline of Ghent with the three impressive towers of St Nicholas' Church, the Belfry with its bell tower and St Bavo's cathedral with the world famous painting "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by Jan van Eyck.

Traces of the Middle Ages were preserved at a lot of places. The old port with its guild halls on the Graslei and Korenlei is merely one example of the beautiful views this town has to offer.

Not far from the Graslei arises the Castle of the Counts, once the medieval fortress of the Count of Flanders. Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction.

Ghent also has several museums, abbeys, beguinages, dozens of churches and historical buildings.

Not only art lovers but everyone can find something here to suit his taste. Ghent offers a lot of shops, restaurants and an exciting nightlife.


Gasshuku organisation team

Overall Gasshuku co-ordinator Steven De Winne +32 475 78 02 63
Nidaime Soke Sensei and Takashi Kozuka Steven De Winne
Laurent Rouckhout

+32 475 78 02 63
+32 496 96 58 35

Transport Laurent Rouckhout
Geert Vervust
+32 496 96 58 35
+32 478 70 84 73
Gymnasium Laurent Rouckhout
+32 496 96 58 35
Hotel Steven De Winne
+32 475 78 02 63
Gasshuku Party &
Goodbye Diner
Steven De Winne
+32 475 78 02 63
Finance Bart Cousaert
Geert Vervust
+32 478/70 84 73





Friday 19th May


Saturday 20th May


Sunday 21st May


Monday 22nd May




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